Exploring the Kinaree Estate website draws particular attention to the lavish detail of our villa interiors. From bespoke furniture styles to an abundance of unique art on the walls and carefully curated room décor, the interiors are meant to impress. The living spaces, distinguished by warm wood ceilings that complement dark red, grey, and brown sofa covers, feature a harmonious blend of elements, including dark wood coffee tables and wicker furnishings, with hints of art on the walls in the entertainment spaces. In contrast, each bedroom has beautiful visual splendour on the walls, floors and surrounding aesthetics. Our interior design approach aims to create few distractions in the living and dining rooms, hoping that the friends and families we welcome are the main focus. On the other hand, the bedrooms offer a feast for the eyes with layered colours, artistic features and deep bedding, ensuring our guests have a unique, luxurious experience. Unlike many private villas in Bali that adhere to the same design formula, our Bali luxury villas defy the cookie-cutter mold.

We share six interior design ideas for private villas in Bali that always appealed to us:

1.The artful ambience elevates t style of any large Bali family villa.
Our art collection features authentic oils on canvas from local artists scattered across the Indonesian archipelago. Acquired over the years during visits to Bandung, Java, Sumatra, and numerous islands, these works showcase the country’s rich creativity, which complements an array of pretty ornaments, statues, vases, and a plethora of intimate objects, collectively contributing to the distinctive character of each room.

2. Softly lit splendour enhancing every part of our villas.
Gentle lighting empghasis the delicate ambience of these ultimate Bali family villas. Examples of this are the enchanting interplay of shadow and light created by lampshades, where we have chosen to forgo artwork in these areas, allowing the nuanced lighting to define the mood and the pool interiors, which softly glow. We have movable glass-cased candles offering a touch of romance, setting the stage for dreamy evening swims.

3. Quiet nooks offering secluded getaways from family activities.
family and friends. Adjacent to the pool, you will discover armchairs with footrests strategically placed in the shade. Otherwise, you may find tasteful coffee tables paired with chairs or even a bench, contributing to the sophisticated charm that characterises them as the best villas in Seminyak.

4. Beyond conformity, our villas prioritise space and comfort.
Bucking the Bali trend, our connecting 4-bedroom Villa Kinaree and 6-bedroom Villa Kinara prioritise guest comfort. Private villas in Bali tend to be rather cramped affairs, squeezing in too many rooms without considering guests’ needs. In each of the villas, we wanted to create unobstructed views from every entertainment area, so a person watching sports on TV in the living room can look across to the dining, kitchen, bar and perhaps be a part of the pool table action, see the pool and gardens yet also be a part of the other living spaces.

5. Stylish bedrooms that ooze opulence.
Each bedroom is a well-appointed suite with a sofa or futon, a desk paired with a comfortable work chair, and other comfy seating that may include a corner chair and ottoman, ample cupboard space, plus a lavish ensuite bathroom. Art graces the walls with thoughtful lighting all in all making our homes the best villas in Bali. While some rooms boast large flat-screen TVs, we prefer a more communal TV experience in the living room, discouraging late-night viewing by the younger generation and encouraging more shared family time.

6. A tapestry of blinds, catering to form and utility.
We have incorporated a diverse selection of blinds throughout the villa to serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Encircling each villa are rolled-up woven bamboo shades designed for sunscreen and to shield against torrential rains during monsoon, ubiquitous amongst private villas in Bali and Bali luxury resorts. Still, we love the tropical Indonesian feel they generate. Thick horizontal wood layers enhance privacy at the top of the walls while harmonising with the overall villa palette. On the villa’s façade, a different type of slatted blind with a smaller cut adds an additional layer of privacy. Indoors, the interplay of light filtering through creates a delightful mosaic of shadows.

For private villas in Bali, embracing the abundant natural materials, local hardwoods, and mindful craftsmanship that Bali is justly famous enriches any villa’s interiors. We only resorted to imported hardware when absolutely necessary.