While enjoying a holiday in private villas in Bali, there are abundant activities that whole families can enjoy while staying in the confines of the estate, beyond the famed beaches, surfing, day clubs, sightseeing day trips, shopping, and Bali luxury resorts. The exclusive 6-bedroom Villa Kinara and 4-bedroom Villa Kinaree, both the Kinaree Estate, offer ample space for extended families to seek both serenity and excitement. These are the best villas in Seminyak for good reason, which provide a myriad of engaging indoor options. Here, we share some creative ideas to keep everyone entertained within the villa walls, promising memorable and enriching vacation experiences.


  1. Mixology Magic: Elevate your Villa Experience with a Private Cocktail Workshop.

Imagine a skilled mixologist demonstrating a cocktail masterclass in the villa, teaching you the secrets of crafting flawless drinks. Consider the martini, a revered classic – balance is the key; too much or too little gin or vermouth ruins perfection. Embrace the art; your journey may begin to levitate, and indeed, it will become a noisy affair. These large Bali family villas have a private bar, pool table, and adjacent living rooms with huge flat-screen TVs, so everyone is involved. For the younger generation, delve into a world of mocktails, adding playful twists. Acquire these skills, and you will forever be the life of the party, ensuring a warm welcome at any gathering.

  1. Strike a Pose: Immortalise Your Stay in one of the best villas in Bali with a Professional Photoshoot.

We can arrange for a professional photographer to visit the villa for personalised photo sessions to capture individual and group portraits. Consider both classic black and white, colour and any other desired effects. These photos are perfect for social media profiles, Christmas cards, Tinder, or to preserve this family holiday.

  1. Cultural Couture: Traditional Dress up

Have fun donning yourselves in authentic traditional Indonesian and Balinese ceremonial attire. Immerse yourselves in this rich cultural tapestry as we arrange heritage costumes to be delivered to the villa, allowing everyone to select and wear these exquisite garments. This is more than just dress-up: it’s a grand celebration of cultural expression. Showcase your style, master some original Balinese dance moves and capture these memories in such a beautiful setting.

  1. From Roadside to Rituals: The Artful Hands Behind Balinese Offerings

Have you ever wondered about the enchanting offerings adorning traditional Balinese roads and temples? Discover the exquisite realm of Balinese craftsmanship artistry as artisans create these delicate baskets, weaves, headdresses, and gifts. This invites you to understand firsthand these age-old customs and a more profound knowledge of how they are made, gaining hands-on experience in these ancient traditions. Learn the significance and intricate techniques behind these mystical creations and connect to the island’s profound cultural heritage.

  1. Balinese Epicurean Mastery: Private Indonesian Cooking Lessons.

Unlock the secrets of your favourite Indonesian recipes with a customised cooking class in our Bali luxury villas. Tailor your own culinary adventure by selecting the dishes you are eager to learn: maybe appreciate all the various sambals? How about preparing a delicious rendang curry or perfecting the locals’ Nasi Goreng? The Balinese love their desserts too – Bali is a fantastic foodie destination with so many unique flavours, consisting of palm sugar, coconut, fruit, pancakes, sticky rice, and local chocolate. Our skilled chef arranges a local market tour to showcase all the ingredients, and then you return to the villa to cook up a storm. Once done, everyone can join the feast!

  1. Unwind in Style: Villa-Hosted Spa Sessions.

Indulge in a personalised spa visit to this ultimate family villa. Skilled therapists bring relaxation to you, offering therapeutic Balinese massages in the villa’s privacy. Choose from a menu of pampering options – facials, manicures, and all sorts of blissful massages. Opt for a revitalising IV hangover cure for those recovering from a large night out, ensuring full rehydration with essential vitamins and electrolytes. Indeed, the beauty of this at-home service means that some well-earned shuteye is just steps away post-treatment.

Private villas in Bali offer everyone the perfect escape to strengthen bonds and cultivate a renewed sense of well-being. This private sanctuary invites families to unwind, fostering a deepened connection, returning home refreshed, revitalised and ready to embrace whatever life’s challenges with vigour and resilience. You will find so many enjoyable activities in Bali and the Kinaree Estate staff are hand to help deliver all of them!