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A Bali villa rental is the perfect family choice when planning any memorable holiday accommodation, allowing extended family groups to enjoy their stay together. Many of our recent stays have been birthday celebrations where multiple families occupied all 10 bedrooms. This arrangement creates a shared experience, with everyone staying together and celebrating as a whole group.

Indulge in unrivalled privacy in the best Bali villa rental: Your personal wellness retreat.

Unlike Bali luxury resorts, the beauty of staying in Bali luxury villas is the absolute privacy this accommodation offers. You can follow your own schedule instead of a family group’s plan – wake up at your leisure, dine when hungry, and plan your day according to your preferences. Breakfast together, or if you prefer, you can have a leisurely morning, joining the gathering later. If anyone needs your attention, your room is within reach.

Embrace authenticity and comfort in the best private villas in Bali.

Here are 7 wellness & healthy lifestyle ideas to enjoy while staying in our luxury pool villas. Don’t worry about stylish or cool appearances; there’s no need for makeup or pretence here. Be yourselves, play your favourite music, and start and finish your activities in your time, at your own pace. Our attentive staff will have refreshments ready and waiting. Aim to keep everything relaxed, informal and comfortable.

1. Revitalise your body and mind with some private yoga sessions in the best villas in Seminyak

It is perfect for the morning after arrival; stretch out those weary muscles all cramped from tight seats. on template a Yin class or two to improve posture alignment and enhance relaxation. Consider an anti-gravity class to align the spine. Bali is probably Asia’s top yoga teacher training destination, attracting numerous yogis eager to share their knowledge.

2. Pilates in your private villa in Bali

No reformer or heavy equipment is necessary to practice Pilates. Our instructors coming to the villa will supply the mats. Expect to have better flexibility, posture, and more efficient movement, and the body feels toned, with a focus on core strength and stability. It’s especially good for anyone with a sore back.

3. Embark on your personal meditation journey within the embrace of the ultimate Bali family villas

A Bali villa rental is the best place to start or learn meditation. The essence of it is learning to calm the mind. It is natural for you to think and your brain to jump around in many directions. Still, meditation calms these impulses, teaching you to focus on essential matters, not being distracted by abstract thoughts, and harnessing the power of conscious breathing. These practices cultivate calmness, enhance focus, promote mindfulness, and nurture the potential for compassion to blossom.

4. Qi Gong Beachfront Villas – Inner harmony through meditation and movement

The core of Qi Gong lies in the discipline that harmonises breath and movement to cultivate a sense of well-being within the body through physical motion and breathing exercises. Once mastered, you transition into a dynamic form of moving meditation.

5. Luxury holiday villa private stretching sessions.

What could be more suitable than a stretching class in the privacy of your villa? Coaches physically stretch out the entire body to increase mobility and release any tension or joint pain, ultimately reducing the risk of injuries and improving performance. End a class refreshed, balanced, and calm, emerging fully revitalised.

6. Thai Boxing – A hardcore workout

Train alongside a local Muay Thai boxer, where you master Thai boxing techniques such as blocking, kicking and punching. This intense workout will target your core, improving cardiovascular endurance, agility and focus. If you are new to Muay Thai, this is a demanding workout, and it is best to drag along a few friends giving you respite as they are put through their paces. Our instructors provide all the necessary equipment. We strongly recommend a massage afterwards, after first cooling down in the pool.

7. Luxury pool villas are ideal for swimming lessons

We can arrange for swimming instructors to visit the estate teaching all ages, where a large Bali family villa is a perfect place to learn. We can install a pool fence to protect the kids who can’t swim, but this environment makes sense for any age to master. There will be no embarrassment here if adults have yet to grasp the basics.

As the best Bali villa rental, the 6-bedroom Villa Kinara and 4-bedroom Villa Kinaree, collectively the Kinaree Estate, are ideal for hosting family wellness experiences.