newsPrivate villas in Bali

We conceived the Kinaree Estate primarily as a large Bali family villa, while also envisioning it as an escape for friendly gatherings. Our intent was to create a seamless layout that suits our brood and our extended network, hence 4-bedroom Villa Kinaree is our dedicated household space, strategically linked to the larger 6-bedroom Villa Kinara. This arrangement grants us the tranquility we desire when needed, yet allows us to revel in our friends’ rambunctiousness. Of course, when the villas are unoccupied by us, the prospect of generating revenue to offset expenses while sustaining our dedicated staff is very appealing.  Given the tropical climate’s inherent challenges, maintaining private villas in Bali can be costly due to the hot and humid weather conditions that can accelerate wear and tear of a beautiful home.

With this in mind, we share 7 pivotal aspects in designing and building our private villas in Bali:

  1. Identify the perfect spot for your dream villa

We discovered an exceptional site for Kinaree Estate, literally 150 meters from the beach in Seminyak, nestled amidst Bali luxury resorts and villas, far from beach clubs or bars, ensuring peaceful days and quiet nights, yet the heartbeat of Seminyak is within easy reach.

When considering a site for your own property, proximity to the beach can mean disturbances such as loud music, rowdy tourists, and traffic. If an affordable absolute beachfront option materialises, seize it. Otherwise, proceed with caution. Ensure the property has road access, water availability, legitimate land title, and correct licenses. Above all, avoid any financial dealings without proper due diligence. Remember, there is no buyer protection for foreigners in Bali, so it makes sense to use a trustworthy real estate agent.

  1. Engage the right architect and competent contractors

We had clear visions for the design of both Villa Kinara and the adjacent Villa Kinaree. Our aim was to create two of the best villas in Bali, unequivocally ranking as the best villas in Seminyak. There are so many architectural, design and construction companies in Bali. We suggest enlisting individuals who speak your language, have proven track records, consistently meet deadlines, and adhere to budgetary constraints. As the process can often be extensive, a capable team is of the utmost importance. If you are overseas during the build, there are suitable entities that serve as owners representatives, effectively managing the project on your behalf.

  1. Harmonising aesthetics in villa design

We incorporated traditional Balinese elements while maintaining a contemporary design style. We only used local materials where possible, creating our ultimate Bali family villas with modern elegance in keeping with Balinese traditions. For instance, ponder the following: in Bali, three primary roofing styles stand out  – alang-alang (the Balinese equivalent to thatch), atap (wood slats), and ceramic clay tiles. Each of these styles holds a unique appeal, which we love, so all were incorporated into the villa design.

Consider the art of harnessing Bali’s lush landscape by seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor spaces. In bygone years, outside bathrooms were popular, as too were outdoor showers and expansive baths. While these bathrooms held an enchanting allure, practically, boilers seldom had capacity to fill the baths, and mosquitoes were annoying while sitting on the throne. Consider too the art of Balinese simplicity, focusing on clean lines, neutral colour palettes, and functional spaces.

  1. Contemplate Zen minimalism

The living spaces were designed in an open layout promoting a sense of spaciousness and flow, enabling a calm and uninterrupted movement through the rooms. We were conscious to encourage tranquility and mindfulness. Anyone experiencing the serenity of a Bali luxury villa finds themselves effortlessly relaxed, with a profound connection to the surroundings.  Bali’s allure as a holiday destination lies, in part, in its remarkable ability to swiftly dispel any stress and strains of daily life.

  1. Explore the play of water, sky and earth in the villa’s interiors

As you can see from the photo gallery, we used plenty of varnished wood, complemented with fabrics of grey, red, green, and blue, harmonising the gardens and pool with the other aesthetics of the villa, creating a visual link between the pool, sky and lush garden greenery. This too, we felt, creates a superb calming effect, which is prevalent in quality Balinese design.

  1. Evoke emotions through colour palettes

We were always committed to creating subliminal emotions through our colour palette design. For instance, varnished wood with red interiors creates a certain coziness and warmth, where earthy tones complement the passionate nature of the red, making the space inviting and comforting.

Grey on the other hand, conveys a feeling of tranquility and serenity. When combined with varnished wood, it creates a soothing atmosphere that is ideal for relaxation and contemplation.

  1. Elevated opulence, villa living in style

Throughout our villa design and build journey, the concept of compromise never entered our minds. We were resolute in selecting nothing but the finest furnishings, fixtures and fittings, fully aware of the unforgiving nature of the tropical environment. We aspired to offer all of our guests, regardless of origin, a stay that was both exclusive and lavishly indulgent.

Owning two exquisite private villas in Bali has bestowed on us an abundance of joy, amazing experiences, and a treasure trove of cherished memories. We are wholeheartedly enthusiastic about extolling the virtues of such a holiday home. Central to this, is an exceptional team catering to us, our friends and our guests.