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Enjoy Your Own Personalized Couples Retreat In The Best Bali Villa Rental 

Imagine parking the kids off in the caring hands of their grandparents and embark on a week long Bali villa rental couples retreat with like-minded friends travelling together, staying in one of the best Bali vacation villas; the Kinaree Estate in Seminyak, conveniently close to vibrant action and a short stroll to the beach. Here you will find a secluded oasis, with dedicated staff catering to your every need. There are only two absolute beachfront villas in Seminyak, which are ludicrously expensive, but not our luxury holiday villas, which are affordable considering their location and size.

Our Bali villa rental is perfect for friends looking to revel in the non-stop day/night club scene, immersing yourselves in the rich culture of Bali, or simply relax, recharge, and rejuvenate through yoga and Pilates sessions, within the tranquil confines of the villa.

If Kids In Tow, Send Them To An Amazing Summer Camp

If you are accompanied by the children, but dream of holidaying with your adult friends, consider arranging an unforgettable Bali summer camp experience for them instead. The renowned Green School summer camps offer a range of activities to suit all ages, from a captivating 7-day nature hike traversing the heart of Bali; an adventure of local lifestyles, culture, and food, with an introduction to Bali’s rich biodiversity, to a 5-day master chef camp where children cultivate their culinary skills while forging connections with food. The options are vast, with camps available for days up to a month, and the reviews speak volumes about the incredible fun and growth that children experience.

Keeping Kids Nearby, Send Them To Daily Sports Training

For those that prefer to keep the children closer, you can enroll them in the Junior Sports Academy at Finns Recreation Club. From basketball and boxing to Capoeira, dance, Muay Thai, soccer, surfing, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and Indokick Aussie football, the academy provides a diverse range of activities that will keep the kids engaged and energized throughout their stay. Rest assured, our dedicated staff will ensure breakfast is consumed, and the Villa Kinara car and driver will whisk them safely to their daily adventures, leaving you to wake late and then indulge in your own exploits.

Seamless Island Excursions From The Best Private Villas In Bali 

A new boat taxi service is now operating in Canggu, which will start in Seminyak soon, ferrying guests to Padang Padang in Uluwatu. We can arrange for the villa’s car to go on ahead, while you travel a more direct sea route, then meet up again later, taking you onwards in style to Savaya, Ulu Cliff House, Sundays Beach Club, El Kabron, or maybe White Rock, to enjoy a day of sun-soaked white sand beaches, Balearic tunes, and delectable cuisine, returning home to the villa in air-conditioned comfort.

If you seek day club excitement nearby, Seminyak and Berawa offer a plethora of options including  Ku De Ta, PotatoHead, La Plancha, Mari, Finns, Atlas, The Lawn, and La Brisa, to name a few. As the Rugby World Cup approaches (or any other sporting event), the nearby Forge gastropub remains open 24 hours, ensuring you can savor coffee or ale with breakfast at all hours whenever the games kick off.

Otherwise, indulge in delightful breakfasts prepared by our talented chef in the villa. If you need a pick-me-up after an eventful night, the team makes a mean Bloody Mary.

The Kinaree teams can arrange scooters – make sure you bring your international driving license, as laws in Bali are now stricter. There has been some recent bad press that tourists cannot drive cars or scooters, but the reality is more straightforward. You must now be legal. The same applies to villa accommodation, but worry not, our Bali villa rental is fully licensed. Scooter safaris provide an adventurous way to navigate the traffic, and getting lost becoming part of the fun. Checking directions is a great opening conversation with any local, ask with a smile and a touch of Balinese vocabulary, be a little cheeky, and definitely be complimentary; they love that you make an effort. Embrace their warmth and let them guide you to unknown destinations and unexpected discoveries. Truly, this place is paradise on earth.

Luxuriate in Blissful Wellness: Personalized Yoga, Meditation, and Massage Retreats

Bid farewell to expensive yoga or massage retreats all over Bali. The team at Kinaree Estate can arrange it all for you, from yoga and meditation sessions within the comfort of the villa to a variety of wellness practices such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Healing, breath-work, meditation, and soothing massages. Our villas provide a genuine escape, enveloping you in ultimate relaxation, literally one of the best luxury villas in Bali. With our proximity to the beach, we can even arrange invigorating surf and fitness retreats. At the time of writing, the waves in Seminyak are magnificent!

Experience the epitome of a Bali couples retreat at 6-bedroom Villa Kinara, which seamlessly connects to the 4-bedroom Villa Kinaree to form the ideal Bali villa rental; the 10-bedroom Kinaree Estate. This idyllic location offers everything you could possibly desire from any luxury holiday villas during your visit: a breathtaking setting, unrivalled privacy, dedicated professional staff including private chef, car and driver, all within steps to shops, restaurants, spas, and cafes.