As one would probably expect, there’s a huge variety of holiday villas in Bali, offering a wide range of different experiences. The quality of villa, its location, size and the services included can vary enormously and so, therefore, can the price. The only way to compare different holiday villas properly is to have a decent understanding of these differences.

Having had the very good fortune of staying in the spectacularly beautiful and luxurious Villas Kinara and Kinaree in a prime, but nevertheless tranquil, Seminyak setting, I have first hand experience of how incredible a top of the line villa holiday in Bali can be. But top of the line comes at a price that, unfortunately, not everyone wants to pay. By looking at other locations within Bali, at less spectacular villas, with less space and fewer services, it is possible to find villas to suit most budgets.



Where you choose to stay is obviously a personal preference. For many, a Bali holiday will revolve around time being spent on or by the beach, so renting in a place on the coast would make the most sense, with Seminyak being one of many such locations.

Some, however, prefer Bali’s often spectacular inland beauty and Ubud’s undoubted charm makes it a very popular destination away from the coast. But we are talking about a large island, with wonderful diversity, and there are a wide range of places to stay in Bali to suit virtually every taste.

Obviously, for those holidaymakers who are planning to take in some of Bali’s many wonderful tourist attractions, ensuring that your villa is close to most of the best attractions, which typically tend to be close to the southern tip of the island, is perhaps a good idea.



When it comes to selecting a holiday villa, at one end of the spectrum you will find rather basic, self catering accommodation, in which you will not only buy and cook your own meals, but you will make your own bed and clean up after yourself. Most will still have a swimming pool, but it may be shared with other properties.

At the other extreme are villas that are regularly truly spectacular in appearance, with a variety of luxurious indoor and outdoor living areas, typically all enclosed in a secure and extremely private compound. Breathtaking tropical gardens will commonly border gorgeous private swimming pools. Bedrooms are stunning and large with en-suite bathrooms, sometimes with both indoor and outdoor (but enclosed and private) bathing areas.

Dedicated staff are generally on hand to cook, clean and take care of your every whim. A villa manager will be on call to help out with advice or assistance if and when needed. A luxury car and driver will be available to ferry you around as and when required. Entertainment systems, games, pool tables and the like are typically available to ensure that you and your family always have something enjoyable to do. If and when Bali’s occasional power cuts hit, back-up generators will automatically kick in to ensure you aren’t inconvenienced.

Perhaps needless to say, a lot of holiday villas for rent in Bali lie somewhere between the two extremes. For example, cleaners might come in daily or every couple of days to change bedding and towels. A chef may be available upon request, and at extra cost, to cook a meal, if required. The key is to know what to look for so you can properly understand what is included in your holiday villa rental and what is not.

You also need to appreciate what is likely to be important to you during your stay. By way of example, until you have tried to sleep without air-conditioning or even an electric fan through a humid, subtropical night, you’re unlikely to fully appreciate just how wonderful it is to be able to rely upon a back-up generator kicking in automatically, keeping you cool, comfortable and ensuring that a power cut doesn’t even wake you up. Without it, shortly after the power and thus the air-conditioner cuts out, you’re very likely to wake up extremely hot, sweaty and incredibly uncomfortable. Getting back to sleep before the electricity and air-conditioning eventually come back on is, for most Westerners, extremely challenging.

Wherever you stay and whatever kind of holiday villas in Bali suit you best, you will be assured of a fantastic trip in this most wonderful and spiritual of tropical island paradises. That being said, if it’s within your means, a full service, luxury villa in Seminyak can undoubtedly offer the holiday of a lifetime.