news10 Bedroom Villa Bali

10 Bedroom Villa Bali

People choose to rent holiday villas in Bali, as opposed to hotels or other accommodation, for a wide variety of different reasons. It might be that a villa represents better value for money, more comfort, provides a greater degree of privacy along with more peace and quiet away from other guests, offers lots more living space, so on and so forth. Of course different types of villa offer different types of benefits. A 10 bedroom villa in Bali provides a perfect environment for certain types of holidays.

While there is undoubtedly a strong case to be made for quiet getaways, either on your own or with just your immediate family, it is probably fair to say that vacations spent with a select group of close friends and family tend to create very special memories for those of us fortunate enough to have experienced them. It might be a big family group to celebrate a special occasion or perhaps an anniversary. Possibly a reunion for a circle of friends from school or university. Or maybe just a social group who like to spend their vacations together. Whatever the group, there’s no doubt that such a holiday tends to have a particular energy, lots of laughs and no shortage of fun. It’s hard to imagine a better venue for such a holiday than a large, luxury villa in a prime location in Bali.

The Villa Kinaree Estate is a perfect example. It actually consists of two separate five star, luxury properties that have been created on adjacent plots. While each functions exceptionally well as an enclosed and entirely private villa, an internal connection can be opened to provide easy passage from one to the other, thus creating a single environment, albeit one with very distinct and separate areas. There are two independent pools, each with their own sun terraces, two outdoor living areas, two outdoor bars, two dining rooms and so on.

Spaces are big enough for the entire group staying in the whole of the estate to hang out together, but also provide privacy for smaller groups who wish to break off and have their own space for a while. The layout of the estate suits group holidays incredibly well. The two huge outdoor, but covered living areas are filled with enormous, deep and incredibly comfortable sofas, while each also has a competition standard pool table and long bar areas, both with a large drinks fridge. These wonderful areas are adjacent to the beautiful swimming pools and sun terraces. It would be hard to imagine more comfortable environments in which to relax and have fun with a group of your friends.

Another common holiday option tends to be spending a vacation with another family with whom you are close. Such trips can be fantastic too, but there’s a definite risk if you simply share a villa that forever being on top of each other can occasionally create a slightly uncomfortable pressure. This can sometimes lead to frustrations developing, which can potentially spoil a holiday. The Villa Kinaree Estate is absolutely ideal for this kind of two family vacation. On one hand, both families are essentially together in the same property, but on the other, once the connecting door is closed, each family has its own space and its own privacy. It provides the best of both Worlds, a joint holiday, but with your own space whenever it’s needed.

The Villa Kinaree Estate is a truly magnificent development. Both villas are astonishingly beautiful and set in stunning grounds with breathtaking, mature gardens. The level of comfort, both in the living areas and the large, luxurious bedrooms, is nothing short of spectacular and is matched by the truly fantastic service provided by the well trained, wonderfully helpful and exceedingly polite full time staff. The location is similarly impressive, a short walk to both the beach and to the best of Seminyak’s restaurants and boutiques, yet hidden away and pleasingly tranquil in a high end residential area. The amenities are superb, ranging all the way from a gym to automatic generators (to ensure that your comfort is unaffected by Bali’s regular power cuts) with pretty much everything you could expect from a luxury villa in between.

There are many good reasons why you would be interested in renting a luxury villa in Bali. Once you’ve seen pictures of the simply astonishing Villa Kinaree Estate, there’s no doubt that you will think of many more. But in addition to its overwhelming aesthetic beauty, its all- encompassing amenities and its opulent comfort, simply by being a 10 bedroom villa Bali the Villa Kinaree Estate offers something most other Bali villas do not. If you are planning a group holiday or a vacation with another family on Indonesia’s most famous holiday island, the Villa Kinaree Estate is the place to stay.