Besides Bali is an island which is famous with the potential of its natural attractions that can make tourists from all the world come to this beautiful island, Bali also stores culinary wealth that deserves thumbs up.
Balinese food generally is exotic and unique which is you rarely found in the other places every day. There are some Balinese foods that you can try when you visit Bali Island.

Guys, during your stay in Bali, my mind of course wanders to the most celebratory dishes one might serve at this most festive time of year. …and what is more festive than a whole roast suckling pig, especially prepared in the spicy tradition of the Indonesian Island of Bali?

Suckling pig is a roasted Balinese pig stuffed with chili, turmeric, garlic, and ginger, amongst other fragrant leaves, herbs and spices. My version can be made in a home oven and is truly amongst the most succulent and distinctive celebratory roasts you will ever experience!