Celebrating the New Year in Bali is for good reason on many a party person’s bucket list. Especially now with so many clubs attracting world-class DJs and entertainment acts, where the masses are so mobile with scooters and easy rides via Grab and Gojek, chasing music from one place to another.

With these huge events, come some crazy traffic issues. For guests staying at 4 bedroom Villa Kinaree or 6 Bedroom Villa Kinara, the sensible course of action is to party close to Seminyak rather than be caught on the roads, which considering past years could be a problem. There is still so much choice: day clubs, NYE parties, and late-night clubbing. Of course, to many celebrating in Bali, evening perfection is away from the hordes in the comfort of your villa, with family and friends in attendance, rather than lost in the throng.

For New Year’s Eve, we recommend dining in the villa, where our in-villa chef can prepare a feast to prime you for later shenanigans. Of course, you can order from any of the nearby restaurants which can be prepared and served by the staff, or walk directly to them. Notable choices might be Kilo, La Lucciolla, Chandi, Mauri, Mamasan, Merah Putih, and Bambu to name a few.

The lead-up to New Year’s Eve in Bali is usually pretty quiet, till about mid-afternoon, as venues prepare their planned events. Not the locals, who are selling horns, hats, and NYE paraphernalia, honking trumpets, and wishing passersby “Selamat Tahun Baru”. As midnight creeps closer, local Bali families with kids of all ages, head seaside with bags of fireworks, itching with the New Year’s excitement. The beach is just steps away from the villa, so an easy scamper to watch the fun.

At midnight, everyone lights their haul of fireworks, sending them skyward. As more and more are discharged, the excitement builds to a crescendo of cheers, explosions, and color lighting the sky with a massive popping glow, truly an awesome experience. Seen from afar, one could mistake all the flashes and noise to that of a battlefield shelling in WWI, not as artistic as Sydney or Hong Kong, but thrilling and spectacular all the same. Find a safe spot away from the crowds to enjoy the show. Of course, if you are in Ku De Ta or PotatoHead, this experience will be complemented by stunning music.

By 00:15am most fireworks have been released now with less of a din, till just the occasional bang echos across the neighborhood, then silence.

Even though the area surrounding Kinaree Estate is dotted with villas, the local community ensures strict protocols regarding noise disruption, according peace and quiet to its residents as the night progresses. Amplified music is required to be turned off by midnight, although some parties might get permission to extend a little longer, certainly not later than 1am, the neighborhood is again in peaceful repose.

The staged NYE party places nearby kick off at about 5pm till late, the usual favorites:

Ku De Ta whose concept this year is “Club Tropicana” Live on stage: Crystal Waters, The Nameks, with DJs Se/Rio & Loco Hero, dancers, Bali’s beautiful, and more fireworks.

Potatohead is always fun, and this year features Ben UFO, HAAi, Ivan Smagghe, Manfredas, and Saoirse.

Those needing to party on to the wee hours have plenty of choices:

Favela, Champagne Bar, Motel Mexicola, Red Ruby, and ShiShi are all walkable from Kinaree Estate, although there will be plenty of Gojek scooter taxis offering quick easy journeys. Head to Legian for all-night partying at Kingsway and Jenja. There are still other places that go till 11am, but in truth, by that stage, these places are pretty manky, and you would be better served to get some shut-eye. Maybe later on the 1st January, take a day trip to cliff front El Kabron or Savaya on The Bukit, for much more rewarding music experiences.

Some of the many wonders of staying in a fully staffed luxury Bali villa: the villa is always kept squeaky clean, empty beer bottles are promptly tidied, garden smoker’s ashtrays are cleaned, kid’s toys are put away, and the fridge perpetually stocked with goodies. In the morning, no need to wake anyone, just rise n shine, friends will join you in due course, so why rush, be served fresh coffee, toast and pancakes should you wish, with no evidence of any mayhem.

Of course to the non-drinking fraternity, especially those who have recently broken the habit, the beach beckons for an early morning walk, pain and hangover free, build a sweat, and re-hydrate with fresh coconut: No better day in the year…