Seminyak continues to be a prime destination for all things fun in Bali offering stunning sunsets, lazy and active beach days, eating, drinking, and shopping. Here is spa heaven too. Of course, there is even more to enjoy, with the best things to do in Seminyak at your fingertips, especially while staying at the Kinaree Estate. Guests consistently praise the outstanding staff services and its perfect location – close to everything yet in a nice quiet spot – and it’s a casual walk to the beach.

Here are our top 9 best things to do in Seminyak

  1. Journey along Seminyak Beach: the beach walkway to Kuta and soon to Seseh
    Just around the corner from our Bali luxury villas, Seminyak Beach offers breathtaking views stretching from Kuta to Seseh. A recently installed sand-fronted walkway takes you to Kuta by foot or bicycle, and the plan is to extend this to Seseh and beyond. Soon, exploring these places by foot or pedal will be quicker than by motor.
  2. Surfing in Seminyak: A paradise for beginners and experts alike.
    Surfing Seminyak caters to both novices and seasoned surfers. With its sandy bottom and absence of corals, reefs, or rocks, Seminyak Beach is a world-class beginner surf paradise. It is guaranteed to wear out the kids, and when the waves are huge early Iin the evening, surfing into the sunset becomes a truly magical experience.
  3. Savour the culinary delights of Seminyak, from casual cafes to fine dining.
    Seminyak is famous for its sheer abundance of cafes, eateries, and fine dining restaurants. In this food haven, only the best survives. Don’t miss Revolver for coffee, Chandi, Sisterfields, Italian Job, and Gourmet Café for casual dining. For a dressier dinner, try Merah Putih, Bambu, Amici, Mauri, Mamasan, and the new steak place at Ku De Ta: Saltlick.
  4. Cook up a storm: whip up Indonesian delicacies.
    During your trip, while savouring the best cuisine Indonesia offers, how about learning to cook your favourite dishes? While staying at the best villas in Bali, either of our 6-bedroom Villa Kinara and 4-bedroom Villa Kinaree have amazing cook staff. Join our chef and head to the market to better understand spice and ingredient selection, then return to the villa to prepare lunch or dinner, where everyone enjoys the fruits of your labour.
  5. Imbibe in style: from beach bean bags to rooftop cocktails.
    Everywhere you look, you will find vibrant watering holes. La Plancha is a Bali dream destination, just a stone’s throw from Kinaree Estate, with its colourful beanbags and fancy umbrellas. While many try to replicate its charm, it remains unrivalled. Later, head to our other favourites, Ku De Ta, Mano, and PotatoHead. For sporting events, The Forge is open 24/7, as is its kitchen!
  6. Time to party: daytime and nighttime revelry
    Seminyak buzzes with day parties at Ku De Ta, PotatoHead, and Mrs. Sippy, while Motel Mexicola promises alternative evening fun and mayhem. For party people, Favela, Red Ruby, and Shishi hold sway. During the July and August high season, expect massive, ticketed events at all the beach clubs. Walking back to your private Bali villa is so convenient, and it avoids annoying traffic.
  7. Seminyak shopping essentials: from fashion to villa supplies
    Seminyak Village is the nearest mall, but you’ll find summer clothing shops everywhere, ideal for replenishing any hot-weather wardrobe. Bintang Supermarket is probably your best bet for villa supplies, fresh fruits, veggies, all dairy, sweeties, ice cream, and bottles galore. The upstairs section offers stationary, art supplies, children’s toys, and a range of hardware, including kitchen cleaning & cooking equipment. Too many bags to carry? No problem: our large Bali family villa is fully staffed, our driver can pick you up.
  8. Spa indulgence: top relaxation moments await.
    Prana Spa on Jl Kunti presents a luxurious Marrakesh escape, while Jari Menari is justly famous for its four-hand deep tissue massages, which leaves you weightless in minutes. For something a little different, visit Glo! with your girlfriends. Enjoy some spa and hair time with friends and martinis. Leave looking smashing and utterly smashed!
  9. Explore Seminyak’s art & furniture boutiques: Unique finds for your home.
    Seminyak has a vast array of art, furniture, and living boutiques. Many visitors ship arts and crafts back home to set up shop selling to the masses, thanks to so many original pieces found here. Visit Art on the Table for everything decorative, or head to Jl Kunti II, where a 4km strip with antiques lining the road and plenty of cafes to refresh yourself.

The best things to do in Seminyak are pure self-indulgence. Everything is an easy walk from probably the best Seminyak villa, the 10-bedroom Villa Kinaree Estate. If the surrounding entertainment is just too much, let our amazing staff wait on you hand and foot. Relaxing in your Bali home is heaven on earth.