newsluxury Bali villa holiday

Does it have to be completely dry? Maybe a quick cleanse? Perhaps just walk further each day? If you are looking for something a bit more serious on your luxury Bali villa holiday, a fantastic start to any stay is a long, hot sweaty beach walk, to clear the body of any festive toxins from Christmas and New Year mayhem, followed by a surf, and possibly a good long massage.

Many fitness guru’s seem to say that nutrition is 70% of the journey to a healthier life – exercise helps for sure, but clean living is the way to go. With this in mind, Bali can be an amazing place to start some new living choices, especially when it comes to food. Everywhere in Bali there are amazing cafes offering oodles of choices whether you crave vegetarian, keto or just great cuisine.

Staying at the luxury Kinaree Estate in Seminyak, you have chefs on hand to do your bidding. Sit down each day with the team to discuss your culinary requirements. Kick-starting a diet in the comfort of our Seminyak villa is such an easy way to begin the journey. The staff can grocery shop while you rest in the villa, no need to get hot and bothered in traffic – just explain what you fancy and they tend to the rest.

If fruit is allowed within your diet, we highly recommend requesting the team to purchase all types of fresh local produce available at the markets each morning, for breakfast platters and, just to snack during the day. If you have never tried mangosteen, rambutan, snake fruit, dragon fruit, langsat, boni, soursop, java plum, guava, jack fruit, amberella, pomelo, papaya, passion fruit, snow fruit, star fruit or even durian, your are in for a special treat – durian, however, is an acquired taste, loved by locals generally disliked by foreigners due its poop smell, well worth a taste if you can overcome the initial perfume. Believers say this is the King of Fruit, still, it is a challenge.

Alternatively, just a call away via Gojek, food can be delivered to the villa hot, so with keto in mind,protein and fats are your friend.

We recommend The Forge, but don’t be lured by the beer or dedicated sports channels, focus on the meat – they have a ribs roaster just opposite, and substantial choice for that carnivore within. Boy n Cow opposite MamaSan, specializes in aged steak, probably the best on the island, maybe have a side of creamed spinach for your green kick, if you really must. Si Jin on Jl. Pangkung Sari is a Korean steak house, that can have a 3 month wait-list, but well worth checking availability. Salvaje, a gastronomical icon that has been taking the world by storm, is moving into the Metis premises, serving up Japanese inspired dishes, so wagyu is on the menu, otherwise next door is Barbacoa for all things Argentinian. They have some pretty decent Malbec too….

If otherwise you are contemplating a clean vegetarian start to the year, then our team is on hand to assist. Bali is a natural market garden, with pretty much everything freshly available. As a Seminyak luxury family villa, staff are used to preparing all sorts of dishes, your wellbing is of the utmost importance.

For vegan or vegetarian dining options outside the villa, we recommend Shelter in Seminyak, Gourmet Cafe, Cafe Organic, and Kynd Cafe in Petitenget, Watercress in Batubelig or its sister restaurant Milk & Madu in Berawa. Also in Berawa are Pelaton and recently launched, the superb Maize.

As an alternative to coffee in the mornings, many households make their own Jamu, a natural herbal tonic, commonly created with turmeric, ginger, lemon juice, maybe some coconut water with honey to sweeten, that can be consumed anytime of day. Obviously fresh is best, but powdered turmeric and ginger suffice. Many will drink it at night, for a deep sleep with few interruptions, long understood to be an amazing anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, just perfect for circulation. Of course, coffee is available in the villa, otherwise there is a sweet little cafe at the end of the street, just 50m away, serving other caffeine boosts.

If the festive season really has been excessive, and you are considering a juice cleanse, probably the best on the island is “In The Raw”, who deliver, with a great selection of fresh concoctions: charcoal, coconut, ginger & honey, or carrot, ginger, apple & beetroot to name a couple – usually you might have 6 to 8 bottles delivered early to the villa each morning, where our staff are on hand ready to receive.

If you are looking for more exercise other than long walks and surfing, Villa Kinara has a small gym with enough equipment to keep you busy, otherwise, staff can arrange private instructors to visit the villa for 1-on-1 or group fitness training, yoga, Pilates, Thai boxing or swimming lessons for the kids.

With so much on offer, either our 4 bedroom Villa Kinaree or 6 bedroom Villa Kinara, together the 10 bedroom Kinaree Estate, make the ideal choice for a perfect luxury Bali villa holiday.